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AirMedia is a pioneer in Corporate and Retail in-store and on-site radio and TV services. Since 1997 AirMedia plans, implements and operates end-to-end digital radio and TV solutions across Southern Africa.


AirMedia has been providing digital TV and radio services for more than 15 years and is regarded as pioneers of in-store and on-site services in Southern Africa.  The company continuously evaluates all available radio and TV platforms, technologies and methods to ensure our digital systems are both affordable and reliable.

Skills & Expertise

AirMedia has over 100 years collective experience in commercial, retail and corporate digital broadcasting.  Our dedicated systems and tailormade solutions will provide you with on-site and in-store digital radio and TV services to communicate with customers and staff from a single managed point.


AirMedia has been providing customised digital radio and TV services to retail and corporate clients across Southern Africa for more than 15 years. 

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