AirMedia has been providing digital TV and radio services for more than 15 years and is regarded as pioneers of in-store and on-site services in Southern Africa.  The company continuously evaluates all available radio and TV platforms, technologies and methods to ensure our digital systems are both affordable and reliable.

AirMedia Broadcasting is a proprietary limited company incorporated in South Africa in early 1999 after converting from a close corporation formed in 1997.

AirMedia pioneered in-house radio and television and continue to evaluate all available radio and television systems, technologies and methods. Present systems are both affordable and reliable, which they of necessity must be, as no client has unlimited or frivolous budgets.

The milestones in our history are:

  • AirMedia initially started out as a new division of a broadcast facility specialising in video/audio post-production and television outside broadcasts.

  • In 1997 AirMedia set-up Fame International Radio, an In Store Radio (ISR) station for Ster-Kinekor theatres countrywide. The purpose of the channel was to bring uniformity of content to their sites and to promote specific movies, events and products within the theatre itself (prior to the movie starting), in the foyer and other public areas as well as telephone on hold systems.

  • Shortly after setting up the live satellite radio station AirMedia developed a proprietary system, utilising frequencies embedded in the satellite channel, which was used for switching off air-conditioner plants in empty theatres. This system was effective in reducing one of Ster-Kinekor’s single highest overheads – electricity consumption.

  • 1998 was very much a developmental year for AirMedia - MPEG was still a novelty; convergence was still a buzzword and PCs were still slow and expensive. Much of the year was spend on selecting appropriate digital encoding solutions, developing automation software and integrating various updating systems including dial-up, CD, Internet and digital satellite data delivery. Satellite store-and-forward television, one of our early breakthroughs, was extensively tested by Forecourt Television Network (FTN) sites around the country and was also rolled out at all Hyperamas for their Check Out Channel.

  • Glomail installed AirMedia’s digital Video On Demand (VOD) solution in their branches as a "silent salesman" and Big 5 Duty Free at Johannesburg International Airport and Verimark used AirMedia’s DVD solution.

  • A majority share was purchased by BEE company UAM, prior to itself listing on the JSE early in 1999.

  • A Management Buy Out (MBO) in early 2002 saw a return of ownership and control of the business to its original founders.

  • In 2008 AirMedia revamped itself to be the best in-store and on-site company with new digital technologies amd systems. Broadband delivery systems, digital integration, computer based solutions, database enhancements and new highly qualified personnel propelled AirMedia into the 21st century.

  • In 2010 AirMedia successfully integrated various bandwidth technologies to suit expanding customer needs.

  • Also in 2010 AirMedia re-engineered its redundancy systems allowing up-time of 99.9%

  • In 2011, AirMedia successfully completed the tailored solution to seamlessly switch between advertisements with associated and non-associated audio. Our newly developed system allows associated audio of a live TV advert to play, temporarily interrupting the regular audio of the TV channel for the duration of the advert, before seamlessly fading back to the regular associated audio.





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