Digital media as advertising medium

Digital media as advertising medium

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  • Digital display advertising is starting to become more and more prevalent in today’s rapidly expanding advertising sector. Commonly referred to as Digital Out of Home Advertising, digital display advertising refers to the use of digital screens to promote a brand or message.

  • “…Overall, OOH [out-of-home] advertising reaches approximately 85% of the adult population in South Africa. Its reach is exceeded only by radio and television,

which reach about 90% of the population. By contrast, magazines and newspapers reach only 50% of the adult population...” South African entertainment and media

  • outlook: 2011-2015

  • “…The strengths of digital signage are becoming more evident as the inherent weaknesses in more traditional media forms become more pronounced. Digital signage has demonstrated a continuing ability to reach large audiences in a targeted way at a point where it really matters: at the point of sale or, at a very minimum, when consumers can easily alter their travel plans to go to a point of sale...” Stuart Armstrong, President of EnQii North America.

  • “….Digital signage can do many things for retailers, but what really matters is how screens can enhance the shopping experience while driving increased sales. Roughly 60 per cent of all purchasing decisions are made once people are in the store. ….” Stuart Armstrong, President of EnQii North America

  • “…The findings of a study conducted by InfoTrends shows that digital signage displays have 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness, increase the average purchase amount by 29.5%, create a 31.8% upswing in overall sales volumes, generate a 32.8% growth in repeat buyers and result in 32.8% more in-store traffic….” Anubhav Mishra, Arc Gate Nov 2011

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