Digital media as training & communications medium

Digital media as training & communications medium

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The vast majority (92%) of companies still use emails to convey messages to employees. The effectiveness of these are, however questionable as many employees are managing email overload by ignoring anything, but the most obviously relevant or critically important.

One of the most effective channels of communications is through broadcasting, be that live or through pre-recorded “video” / dvd or other platform. The technology does not dictate the medium, but the type of message, the location of employees and such factors.

Video (pre-recorded footage) or live broadcasting has for many years been an important communication tool for corporations. Unfortunately both video production companies and their corporate clients do not use this method of communication to its full potential. This diagram shows how the technology can be used to greater effect to boost internal communication within the organisation.

  • “...Safeway delivers its communications and training via a blend of satellite and terrestrial-based systems to 1900 locations, including the stores, administrative offices, manufacturing plants, distribution centres and data centres...” Helius LLC

  • “...Employees can conveniently view communications in employee areas, such as cafeterias, company fitness centers, break rooms, or elevator waiting areas. In addition to in-depth coverage available on the Cisco intranet, Cisco employees need access to relevant and useful news that is accessible at a glance, in short form, in a venue where they have a few minutes to take in the information,“ Abby Smith, director of Employee Communications

  • “...For a long time managers concentrated more on the company’s external communication, especially with customers. However, they have begun to realize that internal communication is also very important, recognizing, that employees have more to do with the company’s success than any other constituency. Live broadcasting through digital screens and radio has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to communicate with these employees. ” Renate Grafe, 2008.

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