Impact of in-store digital on sales

Impact of in-store digital on sales

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  • “…The Digital Promo Network Point-of-Sale Study reveals that Convenience Stores show 88% sales lift with digital signs compared to static signs....” Anubhav Mishra, November 2011 Arc Gate

  • “…..Proven sales lift is driving the adoption of digital signage. A grocery chain saw a 100 percent increase in sales from digital signage installation, but just 25 percent from a similar printed sign. A clothing retailer had three times as many shoppers sign up for discounts on a daily basis through their in-store digital signage….” Jeff Hastings, BrightSign CEO

  • “….Positioned carefully, and using engaging content and calls to action, digital screens in retail can have a dramatic impact on store numbers, with at least 15 per cent boosts on promoted items now the accepted rule of thumb. ….” Stuart Armstrong, President of EnQii North America

  • “…Digital billboards significantly increase the advertising potential from a site compared with static images because they can accommodate multiple advertisers. A digital billboard showing sequential ads that change every 8-10 seconds, can generate five to six times the revenue of a poster that displays a single ad..." South African entertainment and media outlook: 2011-2015 Anel Eksteen, Manager, PwC Southern Africa

  • “….Where you have a market dependent on impulse i.e. Boutiques, Restaurants and Take-a-ways to name a few, you've got it made. Impulse buying disrupts the normal decision-making models in consumers' brains…. Good signage solutions are designed to trigger these impulses, by exposing promotional messages at the right place and at the right time - you simply nudge consumers' to spot that something that stirs a particular passion in them - which in turn leads them straight to your tills….” Ger O'Neill, Business Development Manager at Clarity in Motion


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