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AirMedia answers all your questions relating to the provision, management and maintenance of  digital TV and radio services including up to date trends and case studies.

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AirMedia provides end-to-end, brief-to-broadcast solutions and, at its own cost, supplies and installs all equipment needed for successful broadcasting to each and every site.

Therefore no capital is required from you.

Depending on the system AirMedia recommends as being most suitable and cost effective for your business, the following equipment can be installed at your site:

  • Receiving antenna

  • Decoders and or modems

  • Amplifiers and speakers/ PA (Public Address)

  • A laptop or desktop dedicated to this service

  • A terrestrial, radio or satellite connection

From the time we agree to a new project or venture, commencement of live in-store or on-site services can take anywhere between 6 weeks and 3 months The number of of sites and their geographical locations also have an influence on roll-out.

Firstly there are no up-front capital payments expected from the client – these are absorbed by AirMedia. Our contract typically runs over a 3-5 year period depending on the recommended solution. There is a fixed monthly fee for the head-end (system solution). There is also a per-site cost that depends on the number of sites in operation at the end of a month.

Yes, the AirMedia systems can accommodate this. We can also, for example, broadcast the same music and TV content to a group of sites but also allow for different advertisements that may be language or brand specific.

Yes all sites in Southern Africa are covered by AirMedia

Yes, AirMedia can produce high quality radio and television content at our in-house suites at competitive prices.

It can be within a few hours.

Yes. AirMedia will convert it to the format for our in-store system.

Yes, you can sell and provide advertisements to AirMedia to flight, or you can in partnership with AirMedia, target third party advertisers for your channel. International industry trends have shown that one cannot solely depend on advertising sales to carry the cost of having on-site radio and digital TV screens.

Yes, our radio and digital TV screen platforms can cater for this.

Yes, general staff communications and training content can be scheduled at any time of day.

SAMRO and other royalty payments are traditionally paid by the client directly.

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