Our  turn-key solutions include the management, content and equipment.  Our highly reliable robust digital satellite distribution network has a near 100% uptime and covers any location in Southern Africa.


AirMedia believes in providing turn-key solutions whereby we manage all digital radio and TV services as well as equipment at the sites and stores over the contract period. To ensure that there are no disruptions in your radio and or screen services, we make use of a highly reliable robust digital satellite distribution network that covers any location in Southern Africa with an up-time of near 100%. Other terrestrial or radio distribution methods will be used where required.

Our management services includes:

  • Site Management
  • CRM & database management
  • Helpdesk 24/7
  • Equipment & Service Maintenance
  • Production & Scheduling

Site and Network Management

AirMedia has a countrywide network of approved installers and technicians that know what is required to conform to the highest standards and processes.

As part of our maintenance agreement, we manage the following, with regards to all our radio and digital TV screen equipment:

  • Installations (new sites / stores)
  • Removal of equipment (site / store closures)
  • Database updating
  • Revamps, relocations, enlargements, refurbishments (site / store closures)
  • Studio alignment and integration (where client has a dedicated studio with DJs)
  • Scheduling equipment

All new installations, closures, revamps, etc are handled by our qualified project managers.

General technical site / store problems are handled by our skilled 24x7x365 Help Desk. For more details see CRM & Help Desk.

CRM and Helpdesk


The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) facilities used by inter alia the Help Desk, keeps track of all interactions and contact made with sites. This valuable proprietary tool also tracks assets and has complete operational database of each and every site.

Linked to the CRM and other in-house systems, is an automated billing system to ensure accurate invoicing while the scheduling systems ensure the appropriate content is distributed as agreed.


In the unlikely event that a problem does occur - every member of the dedicated Help Desk team at AirMedia can carry out full telephone diagnostics and talk even the least technically-aware member of staff through a full system check. This actually solves the majority of problems. Help desk database have images of the equipment on site and can directs unqualified personnel to conduct basic functions.

If a digital TV screen or the radio goes down and the Help Desk support team cannot resolve the issue remotely, the responsible field technician in the area is instantly alerted and will visit the store / site to resolve the issue.

In the instance where a customer requires additional on-site support, our project management team and the account manager will oversee the entire process, from first call, to fault diagnosis, through to resolution. There will always be a dedicated person who is responsible for solving the problem.

Equipment and Service Maintenance

AirMedia has a dedicated national technical support team of field technicians that ensures that our operations run smoothly and issues can be tackled in-time and effectively.

From AirMedia’s control centre, our technical support team monitors our digital radio & TV screens continuously and will remotely assist in case there are any issues. If a radio or TV screen goes down and the technical support team cannot resolve the issue remotely, we instruct our responsible field technician in the area is who will then visit the store / site to resolve the issue.

Production and Scheduling

AirMedia has an in-house content  scheduling department as well as in-house audio and video edit suites that include state of the art facilities.

The AirMedia content scheduling department controls all the media and play-lists on our networks and ensures that the right messages are sent to the right screen or radio play out equipment in a specific store / site at the right time.

We operate a fully automated scheduling process with zero logistical intervention that provides the ultimate convenience to our clients as they no longer need to worry about content changes. Our content scheduling team also have the ability to make real-time changes if required by the client.

This department manages:

  • Scheduling of the play-out of exciting add-ons like retail bulletins / promotions & advertisements, competitions, staff motivation messages and many more
  • The daily operations of media management through our application facilities that enables us to upload, catalogue, edit, package, and publish all video and radio content and play lists
  • Control playback of content and play lists on digital signage displays, including instant updates or scheduling of content frequency and duration.
  • Create and manage play lists and configure on-screen text tickers/scrolling text
  • Add and archive TV and radio content as well as define content storage and access locations for content published and reviewed
  • Production and programming of radio and screen content, the structuring of daytime and specialist shows to create an integrated station and platform
  • Management of programming and advertising based on on-going client requirements
  • Management of music selection and scheduling.

In addition the following services are offered to clients through our in-house production department:

  • Create and design TV and radio advertisements
  • Creation of a sound identity for your station
  • Creation of station jingles
  • Advising the client on licensing and royalties where applicable
  • Production of client-specific content

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