Music Channel

Music Channel

AirMedia monitors trends in the music environment, selects music that is appropriate to the client's target market and broadcasts it to the various stores to create an attractive shopping ambiance. This channel plays music only.

This proven digital radio service by AirMedia offers a unique choice of professionally programmed audio packages, along with many custom options, which enable you to communicate directly with your target customer.

AirMedia believes that an on-site radio channel isn’t just background music, pop music, compilation CDs or whatever your staff decides to play.  It should be about the music your customers want to listen to and creating an in-store environment that improves the experience of your brand.

This is the most basic of the digital radio channels provided by AirMedia and it plays music only. We monitor trends in the music environment and select music that is attractive to the client’s target market – be that staff or customers - and broadcasts it to the various sites.

Benefits of the service:

  • A selection of music that suits your target market’s demographic profile

  • Monitoring music trends on an on-going basis and ensure that we play a selection of music and programming that suits your target market

  • Monthly music update / refresh - we ensure that there is no continuous short and irritating music loop

  • Scalability, from a few customer sites to thousands across Southern Africa

Based on your brief, this service is made up of:


  • Management of music selection and scheduling

  • Automated scheduling and play-out

  • Coherent management of you music availability at sites

  • Remote scheduling of tasks for radio play outs (from AirMedia)

  • Remote monitoring and control of equipment installed by AirMedia

  • Authorization and authentication equipment installed by AirMedia

  • Hands-free operation at sites - your on-site staff does not have to be involved at all

  • Supply, installation and maintenance of AirMedia radio receiving equipment

  • 24x7x365 support for service and equipment through dedicated Help Desk and CRM systems

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