Radio Channel

Radio Channel

This sounds like a commercial radio station without DJs and is an automated radio channel that includes commercials, client station identification and appropriate music.

This sounds like a commercial radio station without DJs and is an automated radio channel that includes commercials, client station identification and appropriate music.

AirMedia combines the power of branded music programmes with advertising to create affordable, high quality, customised radio stations for all types of businesses. Your radio station can have advertising slots within carefully selected music play lists, or a full professional radio style broadcast, combining advertising, DJ links, sweepers and brand identity. Our unique systems make all this possible with no effort on your part or manual updating, changing discs or tapes, no plugging anything in.

Combining music with the power of placing your own client station identification and advertisements is what this AirMedia channel offers. AirMedia will customise your radio station and this includes the ability to change schedules, frequency, music and advertising content, as well as staff communication and pre-recorded training feeds.

Benefits of this service:

  • A selection of music and programming that attracts your target market (LSM / staff & customer profile)

  • Monitoring music trends on an on-going basis and ensure the appropriate selection of music and programming that suits your target market

  • Targeted advertising and value add messaging (e.g. promote the “soft-and-fuzzies” like quality of merchandise) that is not usually found in above-the-line media;

  • Specific messages for special events and holidays that automatically turns on and off at exactly the right time

  • Different messages for different days of the week - promote daily or exclusive weekend specials

  • Brand the station with a station identity:  e.g. You are listening to [your company name] FM.."

  • Pre-recorded messages and programming that promote positive staff morale at a designated time, (these can include numerous items:  e.g., announcements, long-service awards, promotions etc.)

  • Production of 10 message updates per month in the AirMedia studios. Messages are voiced by professional male and female artists to keep it fresh

  • A radio channel can be used as an effective communication platform for staff messages / training outside of normal store trading hours, giving this platform a dual service advantage.

Based on your brief, this service is made up of:

  • Management of music selection

  • Scheduling and play-out

  • Monthly music refresh (no continuous irritating music loop)

  • Coherent management of you music availability at sites

  • Remote scheduling of tasks for radio play outs (from AirMedia)

  • Remote monitoring and control of equipment installed by AirMedia

  • Authorization and authentication equipment installed by AirMedia

  • Hands free operation at sites

  • Supply, install and maintenance of AirMedia radio receiving equipment

  • 24x7x365 support for service and equipment through dedicated Help Desk and CRM systems

Additional Options

  • Messages can be changed at short notice

  • Specifically requested talent, interviews, artists etc on your channel

  • Creative writing and production of radio advertisements and messages

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