Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Once a retail or corporate client has an AirMedia radio or TV service installed, the client can also make use of a number of value added service solutions that better utilise the client's existing equipment and accommodate staff communications and training.

AirMedia has developed a professional suite of value added services which clients can choose from to reduce costs and ensure a quick turn-around time. This way the customer has a more efficient solution and the advantage of having fewer third parties involved that is typified by the traditional advertising and public relations channels.


In any radio and television option a client chooses, staff communications should be a standard built in feature. It can be used to convey internal company messages, procedures, policies, processes, important dates, promotions, operating procedures, regulations etc as well as information of well-being like health and safety.


Radio or television services via client equipment are where a site’s existing television screens are used for an AirMedia Audio or Television offering. This is traditionally for smaller space environments. (Traditionally client’s amplifiers and speakers are used for audio).


Once a retail or corporate client has an AirMedia digital radio and or TV service installed, you can add any of the following services provided by AirMedia:

  • Production of content for radio and TV at AirMedia’s production facilities

  • Dedicated client studios with or without DJs for live interactive communications with sites

  • Promotions driven from studios with live interactive switch-over to winning sites

  • Live phone-ins & competitions which help make your station an integral part of your in-store environment

  • Ticker-tape messaging scrolling on TV screen

  • Time specific messages 24/7 to allow for shifts

  • Live reads of events, promotions and hot-info for customers at sites

  • Personnel shows and training at designated times with interactivity from the sites via telephone, email, SMS

  • Complimentarily 3rd party advertising on a client’s in-store or on-site radio and or television network

  • Strategy and trend analysis for in-store and on-site communications

  • Market research to gauge message or promotion effectiveness

  • On site sound and visual audits of e.g. amplifier and speakers and execution of corrective measures where required

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